Joy of Cooking (2005)

The ‘Joy of Cooking’ is the perfect title for this exciting project. The Owners are not only great friends, but more importantly the husband is a Master closet chef! His energy, spirit and culinary expertise bring this working kitchen to life! The lady of the house is also quite the awesome chef, sharing cultural recipes and worldly smells. This project was an exciting collaboration between the Owner, Amerjit Ghag of Red Circle Designs and GLAI.

©2005 Photos by David Franzen

This Spanish Style residence in upper Nuuanu is a wonderful example of Spanish architecture adapted to Island living. The iconic archways become frames to the excitement beyond and encourage one to explore further into the home. This remodeled kitchen is an extension of this style with subtleties like the quirky back stair that leads down to the garage; something you might find in a Spanish hill town home. To elaborate on this Spanish culture and festiveness, the colors impregnated into the imperial plaster walls celebrate happiness, festiveness and the illusion of openness afforded by the blue sky ceiling. There is very much an eclectic nature to the kitchen with a commercial kitchen sensibility reflecting the Owner’s culinary desires contrasted to more classic cabinets and countertops. The glass doors in the upper cabinets exhibit a wonderful collection of accessories and found objects that also contribute to this eclectic cooking venue.