KAIMANA HILA (2010) - historical project

‘Kaimana - Hila’ was originally built in 1926 by the current owner’s grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Haynes. In addition to the main house, there was an extended family unit over the carriage house for their great grandmother Mrs. Gurnsey. In all, five generations of family have resided in this home.  The original construction cost was $11,000 which at the time was considered quite an expensive house, and was actually publicized in the local paper for its lavish budget.  While thumbing through a magazine, Mrs. Haynes fell in love with a featured European cottage design expressing gothic proportions with well crafted detailing and commissioned her neighbor who was an architect to draw up this featured house.  As history has proven, this neighbor architect was one of Hawaii’s most influential architects, C.W. Dickey.  After a quick study of the dwelling, one realizes that Dickey was most likely given strict parameters by the owner as there are very few visual clues that would lead one to the conclusion that C.W. Dickey was the architect.  Although not stylistically what one would expect from Dickey, the house is actually quite sophisticated with regard to architectural proportion and detailing.  The hand drawings have an exceptional quality that is definitely the product of talented hands and clarity of mind. 

©2010 Photos by David Franzen