'Poetic Balance’ is about finding a visual equilibrium between an extraordinary view encompassing over 210 degrees of our beautiful south shore horizon line and the dynamic interiors of the home. A view of this magnitude can often overwhelm the sensory experience and therefore required an interior balance of architectural form, space and the strategic use of color. There are three large forms that fulfill this challenge and help organize the house as it unfolds. The green soffit form over the dining room establishes the western interior anchor. The earthy golden brown form serving as the vertical circulation spine becomes the experiential focal point for the home and the skewed trophy room upstairs provides for the eastern interior anchor. Also implemented into the design was a strategy of transparency; the idea that one could peak deeper into the spaces beyond through operable shutters and strategically placed openings.

©2009 Photos by David Franzen

The Owner was born and currently resides in Texas but is planning to retire here in the islands. Although very involved in the program development, he quickly turned to me for guidance in creating a home that very much took advantage of a ‘Hawaii’ sense of place, yet with a uniqueness that speaks to his spiritual being. His strong ties to Texas were very influential with finish and color selections. Our philosophy was “let’s bring a bit of Texas to Hawaii”. Although seeming difficult, these contrasting cultures juxtaposed with the abstracted nature of the house, became quite poetic. His love for cooking and entertaining dictated this very informal floor plan that reflects his casual nature and ensures a great experience for his guest. An exciting feature is the artificial interior garden with the canopy above the foyer and the art glass plantings of the doors beyond.