1210 WARD


This project involved the remodeling of a wonderful mid-century commercial structure originally designed by architect Richard N. Dennis in 1960. The building is now home to a fun and playful orthodontics office inspired by the energy and spirit of its owner.

1210 WARD

©2013 Photos by David Franzen

The building is located in the Thomas Square special design district, across from the Honolulu Museum of Art. For many years, the architecture firms of Ossipoff Snyder Rowland and Sutton Candia Architects had their offices in this building.

In 2011, our client purchased this building which soon became the new home for her successful orthodontist business. Much of our design inspiration comes from the amazing energy and spirit of the owner. It became evident that playful elegance was the direction for our design team. The owner made it clear that this should not feel like a typical healthcare facility, but more experiential and eventful.

Being a very deep space, a simple parti was implemented to connect the front and back areas of the office. The two green boxes at opposite ends of the space are connected by a curved blue wall which leads one to and from the open operatory area. The courtyard and horizontal viewing window in the open operatory room play a vital role in providing excellent biophilic qualities which create a healthy working environment.