Architecture is a very integral part of our social fabric. The built environment must be sensitive to the natural surroundings but creative, playful and thoughtful so to impact society in a positive way. Successful space planning (‘function’) coupled with exciting and provocative three dimensional designs (‘form’), co-rise as one to create a wonderful and exciting built environment.

We experience space not in plan, section and elevation, but in three dimensions. All great spaces, whether indoor, outdoor or the ambiguous line between, evoke emotion, stimulate the mind, and most importantly settle the soul. Architecture should not overwhelm, but inspire and provide thought and intrigue.

Home is very personal and should function in harmony with who we are. It is here where one spends time in relaxation, reflection & spirituality, family shares love and spend time in laughter & play and friends gather for fellowship & celebration. The solutions of home should enhance our lives without adversely impacting the natural environment which we all share. As we design & build shelters, we must be responsible and exercise restraint, designing only what we truly need. By integrating passive sustainable systems such as good dayligting, natural ventilation, shading devices, sun control, alternative energy solutions and using ‘green’ materials that are renewable, we can insure that future generations can experience what we enjoy today.

At GLAI, we pride ourselves on a positive and engaging relationship between the Client and Architect. The requirements for success are trust, mutual respect and through the process, a new found friendship. Our ultimate goal at the conclusion of this experience is that the Client finds all their functional needs and desires fulfilled and above all, they are awe inspired by the architecture and all it brings to their lives.