Hale Ohana is a generational house that is full of references to the land, the old dwelling, and family whom have occupied this property for since 1970.


©2016 Photos by David Franzen

This generational new family home project included participation from the grandmother, mom and two grand children. All embraced family tradition and heritage and considered this paramount to the outcome of their new home. The property was originally owned and lived in by the grandmother and her late husband. When it came time for grandma to move into an assisted living facility, she decided to build a new family home for her daughter and two granddaughters.

The goals for the project were to provide this extended family a generational home with universal design for accessibility. The family desire is for this property and house to pass on for generations; to those they know, to those they will get to know and ultimately the ones they will never know. The new house would incorporate detailing that reference the past and inform the future. The extended family dwelling consists of two living units combined as one Hale Ohana with a three car garage below which utilizes the previous cut on the lot. There is a central circulation tower with both stairs and elevator for full accessibility to each floor.

Architecturally & experientially, it was important that the folded planes and cedar boxes were not just facade treatments, but three dimensional elements that fold into the interior. The glazing was implemented as a tertiary element to provide the visual void between the forms of the forms. The long horizontal glazing runs above the folder planes provide for amazing panoramic views of nature & the Koolau Mountains beyond.